Equate! 2.0.1 - a mathematical card game.

Equate! is a one-player mathematical card game - you have to make
equations by dragging arithmetic operators between the cards you're
dealt. Try to make the longest equation you can to get the most
points. If you can't make an equation, you'll have to deal more
cards, whose values will be added to the current ones. Once you've
created an equation, you can remove it and the spaces will be filled
with cards from the deck. There are options for how many cards will
be dealt at a time, and you can play a timed or untimed game. Each
combination of options has its own high score list.

This version fixes a bug and adds the capability of importing
highscore lists from other versions.

The Equate! homepage is at http://acronyms.co.nz/software/equate.html

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