Easy trial-program start-up. Registered copies of program now
available by email or by regular mail. Program can be used with
regular Macintosh keyboards or special keyboards (see notes below).

MacTypingTutor is a great program for beginning typing students. It
uses five integrated work areas that together teach correct finger
placement and memorization of the keyboard keys. Practice exercises
focus on single letters, letter and number sequences, words,
sentences,m paragraphs, and free typing. The program offers a
spelling checker, user-defined speed goals, score sheets, time
tracking with rest signals, and many other helpful features.
MacTypingTutor can be used for regular typing or Dvorak typing. The
program also now offers "spoken prompts" and "talking keys" as an
option. There also are one hand versions for left- or right-handed

MacTypingTutor5.1 is for Power Macs only; download MacTypingTutor4.3
or earlier for use on regular Macs. Windows-TypingTutor version is
also available for PC computers.

Note to school shareware-reviewers: MacTypingTutor now includes
option to purchase PC-Windows version of program in conjunction with
this Mac version. Java Version available August 2001.

Note: MacTypingTutor programs can be used with all standard
keyboards, or the special Dvorak keyboard, or with modifications, the
one handed keyboards (left or right hand only)

Ask for details about all program versions at or
visit site at
W. Rogers

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