Submission MathGo 1.6

MathGo software aims to offer simple acces to practice and exercises in the
multiplicationtables and mental arithmetic in general.
MathGo offers some impressive features :
Simple, user-friendly, and entertaining with a neat presentation.
Automatic question generator, very largely parametrable : choice of
multiplication table to be repeated, operations to be practiced, reservation
of numbers, time allowed.
If the wrong answer is given, the correct answer is displayed, then the
question is repeated later.
Contest mode, with the 10 best results and bonus recorded, to stimulate the
pupil in his or her progress.

Who can benefit from this software ?
MathGo is for all pupils who strarting to learn multiplication tables and
the four operations (addition, substraction, multiplication and division

The prices for the various licences are indicated in the " Read Me" file,
located in the same folder as MathGo. This document also gives instructions
on how to make payment. After payment, you will receive a code giving access
to all the MathGo functions.
Price : US$ 16.

Path: /www/exparrot/

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