V&N Chemical Elements - educational Verbs&Nouns module.

'Chemical Elements' is a dictionary module for use with the 'Verbs & Nouns'
and 'V&N Lookup' programs. You can download the latest versions of 'Verbs &
Nouns' and 'V&N Lookup' directly from the Info-Mac archives (the
Education/Language directory), or via links from this web site site:

The 'Chemical Elements' dictionary contains descriptions, etymology, and
translations (to 12 languages) for 110 chemical elements. It also contains
several pictures of native elements. 'Verbs & Nouns' allows you to do
various exercises and play word-games which will enhance the learning

The etymology information is based on the Peter van der Krogt,
Elementymology & Elements Multidict website:
http://www.vanderkrogt.net/elements/. The native elements pictures -
copyright Dr. Thomas Witzke, Institut fu?Nr Mineralogie und
Lagersta?Nttenlehre, Aachen, website:
http://www.iml.rwth-aachen.de/Mitarbeiter/Witzke/witzke_b.html .

Jacek Iwanski.

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