V&N English Portuguese Dictionary 1.0 - foreign language learning

'English Portuguese Dictionary 1.0' is a dictionary module for use with the
'Verbs & Nouns' and 'V&N Lookup' programs. You can download the latest
versions of 'Verbs & Nouns' and 'V&N Lookup' directly from the Info-Mac
archives (the Education/Language directory).

This dictionary contains more than 9000 English words. It is mostly based
on the 'FreeDict' source. It can serve as a starting point to enlarge and
improve its contents.

The dictionary module itself is free, to use it you need the shareware
program 'Verbs & Nouns 2.6.2' or later (or 'V&N Lookup 1.4.7' or later)
which you can download from the same places as this module - the
unregistered versions of 'Verbs & Nouns' and 'V&N Lookup' have some

Jacek Iwanski.

Path: /www/exparrot/files.tidbits.com/info-mac/edu/lang/vn-eng-portuguese-dict-10.hqx

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