GeoGenius USA

GeoGenius USA
Shareware: $15
Author: LittleFingers Software
System requirements: Any Mac running system 7+, 4 MB RAM, minimum 14" color

GeoGenius USA is an educational program covering all 50 of the United States.
There are five sections to this program:

1. States - the user is asked to locate each of the 50 states on the map

2. Capitals - match the capital name with its state on the map.

3. Regions - determine which of the seven regions each state is located in.

4. Time Zones - If it's 6:00 in Hawaii, what time is it in Ohio? Test your
time zone knowledge.

5. Fast Facts - click on any of the states to view some fast facts about
that state including state bird, flower, tree, song, nickname, motto and some
interesting facts about each state and its history.

Each time a section is played the order is changed, making this colorful
interactive learning program fun for all ages!

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