IconSpeller 1.0

It is with great pleasure that I am submitting my IconSpeller shareware
for possible inclusion in the various macintosh archives.

IconSpeller is an educational program, it is simple and fun to use. The
program displays icons in random order and the user has to unscramble the
icon's label by pick-and-click or by typing. It is targeted for kids 6
years of age and older.

IconSpeller was created by Chuck Smyrniotis at Rapid Prototyping
Technology. Special thanks go to his ten year old son, Christopher, for
creating a number of icons and for testing it. IconSpeller requires a
Macintosh computer with a color monitor; preferably MacOS 7.0 or higher. It
requires 384 KB of RAM and 176 KB of disk space. It is distributed as
shareware with a 10 dollar registration fee.

Thank you!

Chuck Smyrniotis
Chuck_Smyrniotis*@quickmail.apple.com (Chuck Smyrniotis)

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