Phon ID


Phon ID is designed to address the beginning phase of reading based on the
phonics [as opposed to the see-say] method of reading pedagogy. It is
based on "The Writing Road to Reading" by Romalda Bishop Spalding.

The idea in Phon ID is for the user to hear a sound and identify--from a
field of four-- a phonogram that can represent that sound. Clearly the
English language has many ways to write the same sound, but the program is
organized so that an ambiguous question will never appear. For example,
you will not be forced to choose between "ir", "ur", and "er" (they may all
sound identical). Correct answers win you a stack of PlatyBucks. You pay
a PlatyBuck for each incorrect answer but you never go in the hole.
Incorrect answers provide additional information designed to help the
student master the material. An incorrect response will display an example
of the correct phonogram making the given sound in the context of a word.
The word flashes to draw attention to itself, and speaks if you have HC
player 2.3. For example, if you did not choose the oa phonogram when you
hear the long o sound, the word "oar" will flash [and possibly speak.]

Recommended classroom uses: Let each child only drill enough to earn one
stack of PlatyBucks if the material is new to him, or two if it is review.
You can have them trade their virtual Platybucks in for a small treat. You
can put a large number of children through this drill in a short time, as
it moves very quickly.

This program should work on B&W Macs and old (6.05) system software. We
recommend Hypercard 2.1 Player or better. If you have Hypercard 2.3 you
get the additional benefit of the words speaking.

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