TykeWriter - Word Processor for Kids

TykeWriter - Word Processor for Kids! Version 1.2.0

Computers are great tools for teaching elementary school age kids to
read and
write. TykeWriter is a word processing program designed for the special
needs of young children. It is fun to use and easy to learn. Children
will be proud seeing their creation in print or hearing TykeWriter read
it back to them. As the child's skills develop, the teacher or parent
can add new features by changing the level setting for that child.
These features include setting text style, font and color. An optional
tool supports accents for European languages. TykeWriter can be used
without the keyboard, using only the mouse and on-screen alphabet.

TykeWriter is free for all to use and share. It includes a user guide.

New features since version 1.1.3:
* Voice Manager Interface allow TykeWriter to read back the child

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