Mykonos is a screen font that comes (so far) only in two sizes:
9 point and 13 point.

Mykonos 13 is intended as a system font for menus, buttons, etc.
It is designed to be easier to read than Chicago at high screen
resolutions. To set Mykonos 13 as your system font, use,
for example, Kaleidoscope (

Mykonos 9 is intended as a matching font for viewing file names
in the Finder. To set it as your view font, choose "Preferences..."
from the "Edit" menu in the Finder (System 8.0 or later), resp.
use the "Views" control panel (older System).

Hope you like it,

Alain Stalder (

-- Copyright and License

Distribution of the Mykonos font with any kind of System Software
requires permission by the author. Otherwise the Mykonos font is
freeware and may be distributed free of charge with any other commercial

or non-commercial software, provided the following copyright message
is displayed in the product:

Mykonos Screen Font

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