Preternatural Font

Preternatural is a cool sorta-techno font that I put together long ago. I
had developed a sans serif font, which wasn't all that great, but I was
playing with it in Photoshop one day, got a really cool effect out of it,
and said, "Hey! That's gotta be a font!" And so it is. It rocks. This
archive contains the font in both TrueType and PostScript Type 1 formats.

Preternatural is a production of Fontosaurus Text, and is available there
as a free download, in Macintosh and Windows formats. All my fonts are
donationware -- if you download them and use them/link them, please donate
$2.00 (U.S.) to me. There's usually a contest going on, related to what
I'm trying to save up the money for.

You may include this font on CDs or in online archives, but it MUST include
all the contents of the original archive file, including the readme file
and the web link files. Should you include it on a CD for publication
purposes, I would appreciate a contributor's copy. Please email me at for my snail-mail address.

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