Passort Designs Soundchaser and Mountain Computer MusicSystem

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The Passport Designs Soundchaser Computer Music System is a package that includes a Mountain Computer music synthesizer and the Soundchaser piano-style keyboard for music input. The system hardware and software allows four-track recording and sound manipulation, using the Apple II as a controller. The keyboard case is 29" long and is made of solid wood. The keys are full-sized. A ribbon cable connects the keyboard to its interface board, which goes in slot 7.

Dave Pratt - the designer of the ComputerEyes digitizer boards - purchased this particular system new in the early 1980s and used it for his home computer music hobby. It cost over $1,200 new.

Passport Designs - Cards

The music synthesizer is a set of two circuit boards (using slots 4 and 5). It's a sixteen oscillator (voice) digital synthesizer, with software to control it. A light pen is included that interacts with the software to manipulate music on the computer screen. A stereo output is provided.

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commodorejohn's picture

What I want to know is whether it was named for the classic Yes song "Sound Chaser." WE MAY NEVER KNOW.

Does anyone still have one of these systems? I am trying to find the keyboard controller that plugs into the Apple //.

A high-res photo will be helpful, as I suspect I will have to clone the card.

robbo007's picture

I have one. Do you still need a photo?

How does this compare to the Alpha Centauri system?