Christmas'97 (jigsaw puzzle game)

Christmas'97 is the fifth release of my annual Christmas card/
jigsaw puzzle game, an editable jigsaw puzzle where you can
install in your own art, your own pieces, background pattern,
music, sound...

Customizing it and passing it on as your personal card is
encouraged under some reasonable restrictions, one being
that you virus check it in the process.

This was actually the very first color jigsaw for the Mac when
it was released in 1993, predating even Apple's puzzle.
Nobody seems to believe that (at least not people who have
reviewed it), but nobody can point to an older one either. Smile
Nowadays, it is quite a bit better than it was back then.

For more info, connect to:

The game is free for personal use during Christmas (otherwise
shareware). Merry Christmas!

/Ingemar Ragenmalm

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