Christmas'98, annual jigsaw/Christmas card

Here's this year's Christmas card/jigsaw puzzle game, for the sixth
year in a row.

Works on any Mac, but QuickTime is require for the installed image
to display properly. You can paste in another if it doesn't. Also,
if you don't like the puzzle piece shapes (not unlikely this time),
background pattern, music, just replace it!

Except for the new graphics, it is mostly the same as before.
This is the application only, all you need to play. To edit, you
may want some sample files to play with. A package with a fair
number of sample files is available from my home page:

The package with sample files isn't submitted to the archives
since it is too large to do that in a safe and comfortable way,
but feel free to do it if you like.

You are encouraged to modify this game and pass it on to your
friends, but please read the terms in the on-line docs first.


/Ingemar Ragnemalm

Path: /www/exparrot/

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