ChuBoKun 3.0
A two-player fighting/combat game for those who love arena-based
violence! There are over 11 special moves per character, plus a hidden
fatality, and 14 arenas to choose from! Each level has its own special
characteristics, such as wind, gravity, varying heights and platforms,
air vents, and pits!

>From the author:

This is a really old game that I made in the beginning of my
programming experience (it was programmed in BASIC), but it still has
kick to it (ouch)! If you really like this game, and want me to start
from scratch to make a new game just like it, but far better, read the
'Readme-OFFER!' document in the ChunBoKun 3.0 folder.

256 color (or greater) 640x480 res. monitor
system 7.5 or greater (may work on 7.1)
4 megs of RAM

Path: /www/exparrot/

File chunbokun-3.hqx1.6 MB
File Type: