Garcia's Guitars 1.2 non-violent game for you!

Garcia's Guitars 1.2
Non-Violent Game for You!
by Jason Rainbows' Magic Theatre Art and Design 1997

Man, ...I miss Jerry. But I think we all can be a little closer
to him by playing Garcia's Guitars.

Here's the skinny;
Jerry's back from Rock'nRoll Heaven. There's a shortage
of electric guitars up there. So, like, he's gotta come down
and hug as many guitars as possible that are flying around
in this wierd stadium parking lot. But the cops don't wanna
allow this kinda behavior so they're gonna try to bust him.

Just because he's comin' down doesn't mean he's gotta
come DOWN, man. So there's goodies to keep Captain Trips
high. Get higher Kharma Points! Bigger Bogus Points! Go
from Cloud 9 to however high you can get!

This is an upgrade from Garcia's Guitars 1.0
I fixed the "Stoned/Normal" mode (it works now, heh) and
I made it confusing at the same time!

I also "cleaned up" the alert prompts.
Hoo-boy, did I catch he... ...heck for that! But never fear,
I didn't clean them up THAT MUCH. So there.

No more Amphetimine Speed mode. It resulted in "Nervous-
Mouse Syndrome" and was banned in several college towns.
Besides, nobody could get past Cloud 9.

Eliminated the Brown Acid preferences. Nobody liked these
anyways. Made the game no fun at-all. Go figure, eh?

Hope you can dig this game and, if you run into Jerry before
I do, tell him I said Hey Now!

Jason Rainbows

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