Gerry's Attraction v1.3

This is an update to Gerry's Attraction. It fixes a problem where it
wouldn't run on systems earlier than MacOS 8.5.

Gerry's Attraction Displays the Lorenz or Rossler Attractors in 3D. You
can "fly" through and around the attractors using the same controls used
in popular 3D games like Marathon or Quake. And it can go into
full-screen mode if you have QuickTime installed. It looks really cool!

This application was inspired by Hiroki Mori's Lorenz Attractor for
BeOS. My version is more feature-packed and runs on the MacOS. It runs
at nearly the same speed as the BeOS version does.

This software is freeware, but if you plan on including it on a CD I'd
appreciate a copy. Or at least let me know you're distributing it.

Path: /www/exparrot/

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