Sim Cinema Deluxe 2.5

Sim Cinema Deluxe is a simulation of the film making process. You fill
the role of a Hollywood producer who owns a small production company. To
gain notoriety and respect from distributors and Hollywood in general,
you must produce many successful films. Producing a film takes you
through casting, filming and eventually releasing the finished product.
The decisions you make in the casting and filming process decide your
film's Box Office performance, which you'll follow in detail as the weeks
pass by. Sim Cinema Deluxe also features an in-game cast and crew editor.

Changes in 2.5

* Box Office Top Ten List, in which your film will compete
* Now test screen your film before release
* Budget feature
* Development process now more detailed
* Improved Interface all around
* Many more small improvements
* Many bug fixes

System Requirements

PPC or 68k Macintosh
System 7.0.1 or later
Sound Manager 3.0 or later
4 MB of RAM
256 color monitor

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Shannon Schroeder

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