TotoTurbo 1.4.3

What is TotoTurbo?

TotoTurbo is a FAT application that runs natively on Macintoshes and
Powermacs. TotoTurbo enormously facilitates your formulation of complex
systems of Totocalcio,Totip, Enalotto, LotoFoot and Israelian Toto.
TotoTurbo 1.4.3 lets you:

- create systems from only 1 column to 15 triples
- constrain the columns to have minimum and maximum signs, maximum
consecutivity, minimum and maximum simmetries, minimum and maximum
interruptions, minimum and maximum parallels, even and odd groups,
sequences, constrained columns, derived formulas
- constrain systems with even more detailed criteria
- constrain columns by pickets
- recover unlimited number of wrong conditions
- reduce the constrained system in order to get second and third
category wins
- print the columns on paper and directly to forms
- import, export and manage the set of Totocalcio contests
- export the system to plain text
- customize the application to suit user's needs
- create new systems from other systems by union, intersection,
difference, inversion, domain
- check the system to see if you have won

The great force of TotoTurbo is its speed: it can create, constrain
systems in real time and it's able to get reduced systems is few seconds
on PowerPC processors.
TotoTurbo 1.4.3 has complete documentation in Italian language: please
contact us if you are interested in more information in English.

TotoTurbo 1.4.3 requirements
- System 7.0
- Memory: 3 MB available for TotoTurbo
- Thread Manager
- any processor, 68020, 68030, 68040 or PowerPC

What's new in this release?
- rearranged inner architecture
- revised Inserimento Completo and Inserimento Sistema dialogs
- updated Italian teams upto 1998/99 season
- some bugs fixed

Marco Tenuti

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