Trainspotters Puzzle 2.5; fitword crossword puzzles

Trainspotters Puzzle makes fitword crossword puzzles from a chosen
source of words; for example a text file or computer generated 'license
plates'. You can now solve the fitwords puzzles on the screen.
Registered users get access to complete crossword solutions, and they
can use the program as a tool for making traditional crosswords. You can
print out the puzzles in SimpleText. A fitword puzzle is a type of
crossword where you get all the solution words and it's your task to fit
the words into the grid. The program is 'fat'; it runs native on
PowerMacs and also on 68K Macs. It requires System 7 or later.

New in version 2.5: The size of the puzzle solving window and text fonts
have been increased. A variant of the original fitwords puzzle called
solitaire fitwords puzzle, which also can be solved on the screen, has
been added.

You can get more info and see examples of crosswords generated by
Trainspotters Puzzle at:

Cheers, Tore M.

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