Brettrix 1.2 - A free tetris-like game for OS X

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The gameplay of Brettrix will be familiar for many of you. Different
shaped pieces will fall from the top of the window, and you have to
move and rotate them to get them to fit into the pile at the bottom.
Whenever you complete a row of bricks, that row will disappear and
the other bricks will fall down a level. The aim of the game is to
get as many points as you can before the pile of bricks reaches the

What might not be so familiar is the huge number of options. You
choose how many bricks there are per piece, how many pieces fit in
the window, what you get score for, the speed of the game and whether
it speeds up. You can configure your own sets of gameplay and scoring
options and have a high score list for each one. You also have a lot
of control over how the game looks, such as the colours, textures,
size and even shape of the blocks. Of course you can also choose
which keys you use to control the pieces.

Legend has it that Brettrix was created by the world's only kiwiloon
(a cross between a kiwi and a Canadian loon) as a fiendish trap for
the giant meddling featherless beakless flightless noisy walking
targetbirds who stole the attention of his beloved Claire, an albino
pigeon. Boring historians prefer the story that it was created by
Angela Brett and Rob Rix... you decide!

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