[PR]: Brickles3000 v2.0.5 - A Classic Ball & Paddle Game


Brickles3000 v2.0.5 - A Classic Ball & Paddle Game for Macintosh

Merrimack, New Hampshire, February 14, 2004: Ken Winograd and Space-Time
Associates announced today the release of version 2.0.5 of an exciting
Macintosh game called Brickles3000.

Brickles3000 is an all-new game based on the 'ball and paddle' game
called Brickles, which was first offered in 1985, shortly after the
introduction of the first Macintosh.

Brickles3000 is not your typical 'ball and paddle' game. Brickles3000
features adjustable colors and patterns, adjustable ball and paddle
sizes, adjustable speed and window sizes. Even the number of paddles in
the game can be changed. Brickles3000 is suitable for everyone from the
very youngest children learning to use a mouse, to fast-paced arcade

The new Brickles3000, aside from being optimized for the PowerPC, also
features much smoother animation than in days past. A new toolbar allows
for rapid personalized game customizations, making it a snap to adjust
speed, ball and paddle sizes, game colors and window sizes and shapes.

Brickles3000 v2.0.5 reduces processor requirements when the Brickles
window is not active, updates contact info and help text, and other
minor changes.

Brickles3000 requires a PPC Macintosh with a screen resolution of
800x600 (or more), and OS 9 (with CarbonLib 1.6 or greater) or OS X.

Brickles3000 is available now for a free trial. For more information,
to download or securely register the program, please visit the
Brickles3000 web page at:

For help, contact: Ken Winograd (Ken911 @ Winograd.com)

Quick Links:
Info: http://www.winograd.com
Download: http://www.winograd.com/Brickles3000.sit.hqx

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