I give permission for my program to be included on the Info-Mac CD-ROM.

ChaosCastle is a simple shoot-em-up game: just destroy everything without
getting killed yourself. By collecting falling coins and various bonuses,
you'll get access to zones with many scrolling levels. You'll meat dangers
of any kind, mineral, vegetal and animal as well as fights against monsters.
Hidden items will allow you to use additional weapons and to increase their

Other features include:
o Loading and saving of games
o Plays in colors or dithered black&white in many resolutions
o Simple graphics allowing a lot of animation
o Many physical effects such as magnetism, doppler effect, gravity, inerty,
mirrors, fire, water, self-directional weapons, ...
o OS-friendly
o Shareware

New features since version 0.9
o 2-Layers scrolling mode
o New and better graphics
o Better random level generation
o Added 3D-sounds support
o Many bug fixed

System requirements:
o Any Macintosh with at least 1MB of ram.
o Works best with a PowerMac

Web pages: or

University of Fribourg (CH).

Path: /www/exparrot/

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