Maelstrom 1.4.2

This Macintosh classic is what put Ambrosia on the map as the leading
Macintosh shareware publisher. Maelstrom has received a four star rating
from Macworld, the MacUser 1993 Best Shareware Game award, and the
Shareware Industry Award for best game. Maelstrom also took first place in
the 1994 Mac Home Journal Reader's Choice Awards.

The dreaded Maelstrom is a dangerous asteroid belt within which you must
skillfully pilot your spacecraft.

Animated space debris races toward you from all points of the compass. All
that you have to protect you are your shields, razor-sharp reflexes, and an
itchy trigger finger. You must blast the asteroids before they crush your
tiny ship like a tin can. Use your shield for close calls, but be sure to
spend your shield energy wisely; you will always need it later. You also
must defend yourself from evil Shenobi fighters that weave their way
through the asteroids. These tough little fighters will fight you
toe-to-toe - don't let their size fool you.

Luckily, during your travels you will encounter a variety of objects that
will help with your mission. First aid cannisters can give you alternate
weapon systems, more shield energy, or better manuever-ability. Having your
plasma cannon set on full auto can really pull you out of a tight spot or

With detailed color animation, four channels of digital sound, and smooth
game play, Maelstrom takes full advantage of the Macintosh's multi-media
capabilities. All the game needs is someone with guts and a thirst for
glory in the pilot's seat.

Price: $15.00
Requires: Any Color-Capable Macintosh

Path: /www/exparrot/

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