Space Mercs 0.9.5 - public beta release

Obligatory-hyped up-over generalizing-catch-phrase:
"Space Mercs takes the fast-action pace of Space War and meshes it with
the endless variety and economical factors of Scorched Earth to formulate
a one-of-a-kind game available only for Macintosh."

The goal of Space Mercs varies depending upon which game set is being
used, but usually you are trying to make as much money for your nation as
you can. The player that makes the most wins. To make money, your
nation has dropped you off into a distant mining zone. You are to scuttle
around picking up the ore deposits that appear. After an ore deposit is
brought on board, your processing equipment starts refining it. Once
complete, the valuable extract is beamed home; your nation cashes in, and
rewards you with some credits of your own.

The mining zones are located in disputed space, and you will most likely
find miners from other nations competing for the same ore. Fitted with
weapons, you hope to at least defend yourself if not swipe some ore
harvested by others. When your ship is destroyed, your emergency eject
device sends you home where you are fitted with another ship. Soon
enough, you'll be back to try and redeem yourself. When a zone is cleared
out and all ore processed, you return home. If the expedition was good,
you should be able to refit your ship in preperation for the next trip...

All of these sets were made with the built-in editor. With ease you can
alter any aspect of the game: weapon damage, mass, engine power,
everything! Also, in the resource fork of your game set, you can store
alternate graphics and sounds to give your game set a thematic flare.

System Requirements:
* 256 colors
* 13" monitor or larger (supports 640x480 and will use 832x624 if possible)
* CPU: not sure about this one yet. 040's should work fine, low end 030's
might not. Let me know how it goes, and I might look into some more
optimization. (don't expect much of a page) Smile

Scott Miller

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