NetRPG 2.59

NetRPG is an internet server which lets a group of friends role-play over the
net, with the players working together (or not) and a DM running the show. NetRPG
allows players to talk with one another using a mud-like interface, ready
weapons, set an armor class, have hit points, store online character sheets,
calculate and run combats using initiative rolls, resolve attacks and distribute
damage between players and monsters, store and retrieve ASCII maps to facilitate
showing exactly where the action is occuring, roll dice either in the open or
privately shown to only the player and DM, and allows the DM to fudge attack
rolls when a plot line necessitates a critical hit or miss or whatever. All of
these features (and more!) combine in NetRPG to make live internet role-playing
not only possible, but very enjoyable!

New in 2.59:

/MOVE ALL & /MOVETO ALL commands let the DM move all icons at once /MAP FOR
command lets the DM get a look at exact what a player can see from their vantage
point Minor bug fixes for some mapping problems NetRPG Manual is now up to date

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