The Path to Fortune R3 (text adventure)

"The Path to Fortune"
Volume One of "The Windhall Chronicles"
Designed by Jeff Cassidy
Written by Jeff Cassidy and C.E. Forman
Programmed by C.E. Forman, using Unix Inform 5.5
Copyright (c) 1995, 1996 by Jeff Cassidy and C.E. Forman. All rights reserved.
(Type HELP for instructions and registration info.)
Release 3 / Serial number 960118 / Inform v1502 Library 5/11

This game is not freeware, although it can be freely distributed
(provided that no profit is involved). To encourage future
development of "The Windhall Chronicles," we're asking players to
donate a $10 shareware fee.

In return for your goodwill, you'll receive a complete set of maps
for the game, and a hint book in the style of Infocom's Invisiclues,
spiced up with trick questions and a list of fun stuff to try.
(Please note that, while the game itself is freely distributable, the
maps and hint booklet are NOT.)

This application requires System 7, and 1.6 megs of free memory. If
you don't have System 7, or you want a non-Mac version of this game,
or you just want to try a different interpreter, please look in There are also lots of other text
adventures there.

If you wish to discuss putting this game on a CD-ROM, or anything
like that, please contact:

C.E. Forman (

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