ScenarioMaker 3D, developer release 7

ScenarioMaker 3D is used to create 3D environments to be used in Sword
Dream 3D. Sword Dream 3D is a three-dimensional adventure gaming system for
the Macintosh. Your surroundings are in three-D (just like in Marathon?,
Doom? or Descent?). Still, this isn't a shoot-em-up videogame: it's a
think-first, act-later game. And it's fun for days, not minutes...
Dream 3D is distributed under the shareware system: try it first, pay if
you like it.

ScenarioMaker is Mac OS 8-aware. This means that my application can still
be used under System 7, but it gains new features if run under the new,
exciting Operating System from Apple.
* Dialog boxes are moveable
* Error messages contain an explanation of the steps needed to recover, and
are moveable
* All windows and dialog boxes retain the Platinum Appearance (including
focus rings), even if the Systemwide platinum appearance is turned off for
compatibility reasons in the Appearance control panel.
* Windoids are for real - they float in front of other windows, and
disappear when you bring the application to the background.
* ScenarioMaker is ready for Switchable Themes - future versions of the Mac
OS will allow us to change the user interface. ScenarioMaker will
automatically take advantage in full of the new theme.
* Enhanced menu handling


Both Sword Dream 3D and ScenarioMaker are available in English, French
and Italian. A read-me file in the package describes the 3D features for
this program. A full-length manual in Microsoft Word 5.1 format can be
downloaded from The Sword
Dream 3D WWW site can normally be reached at There you'll find full details on the
game, and will be able to download a copy. As I write this, the Internet
site at (and the file download area at are both down, and I don't know when they'll be back
online. We are creating a backup FTP area. If you have problems finding
the files you need, contact me via e-mail. My address is in the last
paragraph of this document. Hardware requirements: a 68030 or better Mac
OS computer, with a 14", 256 colors monitor, and System 7. ScenarioMaker
3D is freeware and can be freely re-distributed. For more info, use

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