World Builder 1.2

World Builder is Bill Appleton's famous graphic adventure game creation
program. Originally a commercial program published by Silicon Beach
Software, it was out of print for many years. Then in August of 1995 Bill
graciously released it into the public domain.

World Builder is an easy-to-use, easy-to-learn application for creating
adventure games with sound and black and white graphics. It is free, and
you may sell or distribute any games you make with it, royalty-free.

The following components are included in this package:
* World Builder 1.2
* Sound Converter 1.1
* Sound Library #1
* Ray's World Builder Demo 1.0
* World Template 1.0
* Ray's World Builder Template 1.1
* Ray's Documentation

World Builder requires Mac OS 3 or later. Sound may not work on the
Macintosh XL or any AV or PowerPC computer.

World Builder is Public Domain; however, William C. Appleton retains the
copyright on the name, code, and ideas. This program is no longer being
developed or supported, but comments and questions regarding World
Builder may be sent to Ray Dunakin (

Version 1.2 adds 32-bit compatibility and additional supporting files.

Marc Khadpe
Penn State University

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