EPStoPICT 1.2.2 - EPS Conversion Utility

About EPStoPICT(tm)

EPStoPICT is a Macintosh application from Art Age Software, the makers of
the award-winning application epsConverter(tm). EPStoPICT can read any
portable Level 1 EPS or PostScript file and convert it into a Macintosh PICT
file, suitable for editing with a Macintosh drawing application, or for
viewing with any application that supports standard PICT files.

EPStoPICT parses the actual PostScript code in the EPS file and translates
it into PICT data. Although this process takes longer than simply extracting
a PICT preview from the EPS file, there are several advantages to this

(1) Some EPS files do not have a PICT preview to extract!

(2) Often the PICT preview is not an accurate representation of the EPS
file's true contents. It may be poorly rendered, or black and white only,
for example.

(3) When present, PICT previews are usually stored as low-resolution
bitmaps. This essentially prevents them from being scaled or edited.

EPStoPICT produces a vector PICT representation of the PostScript data,
which allows for better scaling (zooming in and out), and even a limited
degree of editing with several popular drawing applications.

EPStoPICT supports AppleScript, Balloon Help and drag and drop operation
from the Finder.

System Requirements

EPStoPICT requires a Macintosh computer with a 68020 or later processor
(including PowerPC) running System 7.0 or later. Once registered, EPStoPICT
is accelerated for Power Macintosh computers.

To install EPStoPICT, simply double-click the EPStoPICT Installer icon, and
follow the on-screen instructions.

Pricing and registration details can be found in the package.
Version 1.2.2 Changes

* Updated web site and email address
* Default memory partition has been increased to allow use under MacOS 8.5
and later.

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