SndSampler 4.6.3

SndSampler is a simple-to-use yet powerful sound editing application for
the Macintosh, chosen by author and Macworld columnist David Pogue for
inclusion in his best-selling book, Mac Secrets. Here are some of
SndSampler's more salient features:

-Supports 8, 16, 24, 32-bit, mono/stereo, sample rates up to 64 kHz
-Allows you to record audio data directly to your hard drive so you can
create sounds bigger than RAM (great for CD-quality audio or dictation!)
-Rips CD audio directly from the CD
-File formats: AIFF, System 7 sound, sound clipping, Sun, NeXT, WAVE,
QuickTime movies, raw audio, ASCII text, more
-Allows synching of sounds to QuickTime movies
-Compression: MACE 3:1, MACE 6:1, ulaw 2:1, alaw 2:1, IMA 4:1, more
-Many fx: echo, reverb, chorus, flanger, pitch bend, dynamic pan,
dynamic fade, tremolo, distortion, wah-wah, equalizer, crossfade, etc.
-Extensive manual in HTML format (please read!)
-Requires: PPC, Mac OS 8.5, Sound Manager 3.2 or later
-Official site:

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