PhoneManager 1.0.8 for Nokia 6210, 6310 and 6310i.

(Mac OS X version available at

Other Nokia phones are not supported yet.
Cable connection is required, infrared connection is not supported.
(PhoneManager for Mac OS X supports Bluetooth connection for Nokia

Main features:
- reading phonebooks from the phone memory and the SIM card (extended
phonebook from the phone memory is supported - 5 numbers and 2 or 4
texts for each entry)
- editing, uploading and deleting phonebook entries
- international characters support
- saving phonebook to a file
- phonebook export as tab-separated text
- phonebook export as vCards
- tab-separated text import
- vCards import
- phonebook printing
- direct sending SMS when working with phonebooks
- SMS management - text and picture SMS (reading from the phone,
sending, replying, forwarding, deleting, attaching pictures, delivery
reports, flash SMS)
- loading picture SMS from a picture file
- simple picture SMS editing
- QuickFind feature for easy finding phonebook entries when sending SMS
- saving SMS to a file
- saving picture SMS to a file
- SMS exporting as tab-separated text
- SMS sending to multiple recipients
- SMS saving to the phone
- downloading and uploading phone logos (operator logo, startup logo,
group logos)
- uploading operator logos for different GSM networks
- deleting operator logo from the phone
- loading logo from a picture file
- simple logo editing
- uploading ringing tones to the phone
- loading ringing tones from a file
- creating own ringing tones
- java applications upload for Nokia 6310i (more java application can be
downloaded from and
- not all java applications from these sites may be suitable for Nokia
- phone info

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