TreoCallLog 1.2

TreoCallLog 1.2 is an OS X application for displaying and analyzing
call logs generated by any of Handspring's "Treo" combined
PDA/Cellphones or the older Handspring Visorphone. It allows all of
your cellular calls to be displayed or printed by month (starting on
the appropriate billing date) according to the type of call. The
program reads call logs stored during every HotSync and displays them
on the screen. Calls can be separated by month (based on a specified
start date) and totals for peak, off peak and roaming calls calculated.

New in this release:
Allow input of "Zero Rated" numbers. Calls to these numbers are not
charged unless roaming.
This allows for the free "on net" calls or family plans offered by
some companies.
Extrapolate minutes used during the month to estimate what the totals
will be by the billing date.
Export data to a tab-delimited text file for reading into Excel or
AppleWorks as a spreadsheet.
Select multiple records / Select All and Copy to the clipboard (for
pasting into a spreadsheet or text document).
Speak selected records.
Find / Find Next to search the records.
Rule off between subtotals to make them easier to pick out.
Show date at which Treo was last HotSync'd to the Mac.

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