Modified iMac Modem Script for Apple Remote Access

Modified iMac Modem Script (CCL) for Remote Access 2/29/00

This is a modified version of the iMac v90 modem script from Apple Computer.
It is for use with the Remote Access and Modem control panels. It will
probably only work with an iMac internal modem.

Modifications include:

- Does not allow connections less than 28.8Kbps. The script will keep
redialing until a connection above 28.8K is obtained or the user
cancels. The minimum allowable speed can be changed by editing the script.

- "Modem not responding" errors should be eliminated.

- Different modem initialization string. It may improve the reliability of
the connection.

- Sets the modem speaker volume to low.

- Sets the "port speed" to 230400 bps instead of 115200.

To use it, place it in the System/Extensions/Modem Scripts folder. Then
open the Modem control panel and select it.

The script is provided on an as-is basis and is not guaranteed to be fit for
any particular purpose. I hope it is of use. Questions or comments can be
sent to Tom Maiello at

Path: /www/exparrot/

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