FirstClass Client 2.72 FAT ITA

FirstClass Client 2.72 FAT ITA is the Italian version of the famous Client for FirstClass System.
This version was all translated by Carlo Volpi for Freedom BBB, a FirstClass system, located in Milan and which receives both OneNet Int'l and OneNet Italia fee.
The Italian version was made also by the guys of Asterisco, an other Italian BBS located in the middle of Italy (Prato), near Florence.
Carlo would like to thank (in order):
Ferdinando D'Amico, (co-sysop of Asterisco)
Roberto Cattaneo, (sysop of Freedom)
Marco Silvestri, (co-sysop of Freedom)
Paolo Tedeschi, (sysop of Asterisco)
Mirko Bagnoli
Eleonora Scognamiglio. Carlo would like to give her a big kiss! (She's Carlo's girlfriend).

IMPORTANT: this version is the FAT version and it works both on Power and 68k Macintosh.
The translation contains also all the modem strings adapted for Italian lines (X4 to X3).

Path: /www/exparrot/

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