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Date: Fri, 4 Nov 1994 15:39:14 -0600

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FirstClass Client for Macintosh 2.6

FirstClass* Client 2.6 is copyright * 1990-1994 SoftArc Inc. You are free
to download and distribute this file providing it is distributed in its
entirety and no modifications are made. All other rights are reserved by
SoftArc Inc.

When posting this file to other online systems, please describe it as:

FirstClass* Client is the graphical front-end software required to connect
via network or modem to FirstClass systems. It will run on any Macintosh
with at least 1 MB of memory.

Also attached to this message is introductory user documentation in
Microsoft Word format. The Getting Started document is unchanged from
version 2.5.

FirstClass* Client for Macintosh 2.6 introduces the ability to connect over
TCP/IP to FirstClass servers licensed with SoftArc's optional TCP/IP
Protocol Module. If your server supports TCP/IP, contact your FirstClass
system administrator for information on how to set up a TCP/IP connection.


SoftArc Inc.
Global Area Communications

100 Allstate Parkway, Markham, Ontario, CANADA, L3R 6H3
1902 Ridge Road, #325, West Seneca, New York, USA, 14224

Tel: 905-415-7000 Fax: 905-415-7151 FirstClass: 905-415-7070 Internet:

FirstClass is a registered trademark of SoftArc Inc.

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