FirstClass Utility Stack v1.2

FirstClass Utility Stack v1.2 is a HyperCard utility stack I've written
for the use of administrators of FirstClass systems.

It does the following:

1. Searches through your server logs looking for a particular phrase.
2. Compares lists of FirstClass conferences.
3. Convert gateway desktop listing into FC UUCP "alias" file.
4. Convert gateway desktop into text file.
5. Create a "batch admin" file that will create all the conferences in
the list, and give an alias to gateway desktops.
6. Create a "batch admin" file that will give an alias of existing
conferences to gateway desktops.
7. Sift through the FC UUCP "To:" folder, looking for mail.
8. Count the number of times an attachment has been saved.

-- Cindy M. Carney

Path: /www/exparrot/

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