Yes, well, I know most of you know that I did get a g3 (see my struggles on the old form on PPC/mac and clones). But that doesn't mean I can't talk about it more! I have gotten it to boot, using the origainal 8.1 disk, which has proven that the sound card is dead, and everything else seems to function just fine. A 40gb maxtor has a new home, and shows it's speed buy loading the os in about 1/4 the time that a stock g3. I have to get this poor thing into a new case badly, since I don't have any memory that will fit in the case. I'm going to get a new sound card for it soon, since it will not let the machine boot in 8.5 or 9.2, plus, I wnat toonage! Acute When I put the g3 into a new case, I'll post pics here to show ya all.