iGetter v1.9.5 for MacOS

iGetter for MacOS 7.5.3 - 9.x
Version: 1.9.5
Release Date: 05/30/2003

iGetter is a download utility with many useful functions such as
resuming broken downloads, segmented (accelerated) downloading, Internet
browsers integration, queue filtering by various criteria, file mirrors
support for additional acceleration, cookies support, processing web
page links, scheduling downloads for low traffic periods, reconnecting
modems, hang up and shut down when the downloads are done.

New in version 1.9.5

- Included new localizations for Traditional Chinese and German
- New contextual menu support for OmniWeb browser.
- Included support for Safari and Camino "cookies".
- Included three new columns in the queue: "Elapsed Time", "Start Date"
and "End Date".
- Included ability to customize the queue table columns, change the
column order, and sort the queue by any column (only in MacOS X).
- iGetter now shows the average speed of the finished downloads.
- Improved the Internet browser plugin. Now the iGetter function
'Integrate with Internet browsers' fully supports the Safari browser.
- A new "Info" tab pane. It shows detailed information of the currently
selected download in the queue.
- Included ability to open the folder containing a finished downloads or
the "Item Settings" window of uncompleted downloads with a double-click.
- Included a new option for switching the computer into sleep mode
instead of shutting it down (only in MacOS X).
- Now "Process Web Page" properly handles files with equal names and
href tags with CR/LFs in them.
- Improved handling of URLs that include colon characters in the file
- Improved handling of "416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable" HTTP error.
Now iGetter will download successfully from servers responding with this
error (e.g. macupdate.com).
- Fixed a buffer overflow bug.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes crashes iGetter when deleting items from
the queue.
- Fixed a bug that causes iGetter to save only parts of the login

System Requirements

- Apple computer with PowerPC processor
- MacOS 7.5.3 - 9.x
- OpenTransport 1.1 or later

Web Site: http://www.iGetter.net/

iGetter 1.9.5 is shareware. iGetter can be evaluated for as long
as needed to decide if it suits the users needs. All registered
users will get free support by email and free upgrades in the
major 1.x versions.

A Single User License for iGetter is $25. A Home & Work (Desktop
& Mobile) two-license pack is $35. Site Licenses are also
available on a discount. For information about Site Licenses,
please contact us at sales@presenta.net

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