Info-Mac Browser 1.0

Info-Mac Browser is a custom FTP client designed just for Info-Mac!
Simply launch the application, select a mirror, and connect.
Double-click a folder to open it or a file to download it. File names
are extracted from the subject lines of abstracts. Select a file and
choose Get Info from the File menu to read the whole abstract, right in
the FTP client! You can also choose to download the file with your
default FTP client.

Info-Mac Browser (C) 2003 Kreative Software. Info-Mac content (C)
1999-2003 Info-Mac Network. All rights reserved. RB FTP (C) 1998 Brian
F. Jones. Free for noncommercial use. All rights reserved.

Send suggestions and/or bug reports to
Non-Carbon version available upon request.

Path: /www/exparrot/

File info-mac-browser-10.hqx1.03 MB