Intellinews 2.0

Real Name: IntelliNews
Size: 1262343 bytes
Encoding: BinHex
Release Date: 05-January-2000
Requirements: PowerPC Processor or better, MacOS 8.0 or better, including
MacOS 9, Open Transport 1.1.2 or later, A Minimum 6 MB of available
application RAM, Internet Config (or the Internet control panel under
MacOS 8.5 and later), An IP connection to the Internet. IntelliNews 2.0
now supports connections via Compuserve 3.0.3 or later, and AOL 4.0 or
License: Shareware, 30-day
Price: $20

The Day's News Delivered To Your Desktop!

IntelliNews, a specialized Web browser, gathers headlines from all the
premier Internet news sites and delivers them directly to your desktop,
eliminating the need to jump from site to site. With updates occurring as
often as every 15 seconds, you can follow the breaking news as it happens!
Access The Information You Need, All From One Place!

Gathering information online has never been easier or more effective. All
the information you need is available in a single location: watch your
stocks, the weather, the latest developments in the Macintosh community,
and keep up-to-date with instant scores from all the top sports teams.
From the latest Dow numbers, to the weather in Miami, IntelliNews has
the answer! Save Time Online With IntelliNews!

* Stay up-to-date with headlines gathered from the leading Internet
news sources
* Receive up-to-the-minute scores from all the top games
* Stay on top of the Mac world, with articles and columns in
IntelliNews stations
* Get detailed weather reports from cities across the U.S.
* Get detailed stock quotes, and company profiles
* Eliminate searching the Web for news, sports, weather, and stock

Path: /www/exparrot/

File intellinews-20.hqx1.21 MB