NewsHopper Cleaner v1.0

NewsHopper Cleaner v1.0
(Yclept Microsystems)
Copyright (c) 1997 Adam Lloyd

NewsHopper Cleaner is a small application dedicated to helping you keep
your NewsHopper out basket in a clean and tidy state. It simply removes any
items from your out basket that are older than a couple of weeks and that
have been successfully transmitted. Articles that haven't been sent will be
kept until you either send them or delete them manually.

NewsHopper itself can delete articles as soon as they have been sent, but
does not allow for them to be kept for a certain length of time. NewsHopper
Cleaner addresses this limitation with a single-click approach.

NewsHopper Cleaner is shareware, priced as US$5. Payment can be made via
Kagi or, for people with access to a British cheque book, direct to Adam

Adam Lloyd
Yclept Microsystem ->
BeOS Replicants Tutorial ->
Be Registered Developer #E-1934.

Path: /www/exparrot/

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