Patent Grabber 1.1 - download US patents for free

Patent Grabber(TM) 1.1
Copr. 2001 Bruce A. Pokras - All rights reserved worldwide
A product of the Mac-Stacks Emporium (

Patent Grabber makes it easy to download U.S. patents for free from
public patent archives. Instead of going to the U.S. Patent &
Trademark Office web site and loading and printing patent pages one
at a time from your web browser, you simply give Patent Grabber a
list of patents and click "Get Patents." Patent Grabber then
downloads every page of all the patents to your Mac while you do
something else. And once the patents are downloaded, they are yours
to keep and print from Patent Grabber's special Library folder at any

You can download the patents in either Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or
TIFF format. In either case, if the patent was issued after 1975, you
automatically also receive the text of the patent in HTML format so
that you can copy and paste the text from your web browser into a
word processor, if desired.

Even though the public archives provide their patents as a number of
separate image files (one for each page of the patent), Patent
Grabber makes printing so seamless you will think that all the pages
of each patent were together in a single file. You can print as many
of the patents as you wish with just a click or two. Additionally,
for any individual patent, you can print just the pages that you want.

Patent Grabber requires a PowerPC Mac with System 8.6 or higher and
AppleScript, and should run under the Classic mode of OS X. To print
patents that are in TIFF format, Patent Grabber needs either Thorsten
Lemke's "GraphicConverter" or Blue Globe Software's "Tiff-Sight"
(Ver. 1.1 or higher). Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to print
patents that are in Acrobat (.pdf) format. To view and/or print the
text of a patent, you need a web browser.

Patent Grabber is initially in a free evaluation mode. In this mode
you can download the first five pages (and all of the text, if
available) of any U.S. patent.

Shareware $20 (may be registered via the Kagi Store by following a
link on the Mac-Stacks Emporium Home or by using the enclosed
Register program).

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