tn3270 is a terminal emulation program. You use it with MacTCP (i.e. over the

Version 2.5b2, 10/95

1. Tn3270 now runs in native mode on PowerMacs. The tn3270 installer allows
installation of the 68K version, native version, or a combined universal
version. Tn3270's "About" dialog includes the current mode (68K or Native

2. Tn3270 includes full support for the Drag Manager. If the Drag Manager is
installed on your Macintosh, you can drag text directly between tn3270 and the
Finder, SimpleText, or any other programs that support dragging. Dragging may
also be done between tn3270 sessions. New settings for controlling dragging
are found under "Text Copying..." in the "Session" menu.

3. The "Text Copying..." settings also allow specifying that "Copy" preserves
all blanks in the selected text.

4. Command-left-arrow and command-right-arrow may be used to switch to the
previous and next sessions.

5. Tn3270 no longer uses the file "". The FTP server settings which
it contained are now available under the "Network" menu. To save the
settings, use "Save Defaults..." under the "File" menu. They will be saved in
the file "tn3270 Preferences" in the Preferences folder. A warning alert will
be displayed if the saved defaults will include enabling the FTP server.

6. The "Network" menu includes new commands for "Send FTP Command" and "Send
IP Address".

7. A new display option allows using the 12-point font with less spacing
between the lines. Using this option, the 12-point font may be used in some
situation where only 9-point could previously be used, such as on many
PowerBooks. To select the new option, use the "Screen Format..." settings in
the "Open Connection" dialog. It is also available using "Screen Format..."
under the "Session" menu.

8. Tn3270 now supports authenticated and encrypted sessions when compatible
support is available in the host server. The new support uses the same method
as NCSA Telnet, including the same plugin files. Authentication and
encryption are selected using new options in the "Special" settings of the
"Open Connection" dialog.

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