YA-NewsWatcher 5.0.1

YA-NewsWatcher 5.0.1 has just been released. It adds support for "kept"
articles and offline use; improved, indented reference-based threading of
articles (or optionally no threading at all); better handling of poor
network connections and the ability to resume incomplete multi-part binary
downloads; the option to use a second news server connection for queued
transfers; auto-saving of the queued transfers list; much faster binary
decoding; plus numerous other improvements and sundry bug fixes. It's a
recommended update for all 4.x users. Version 5.0.1 includes a work-around
for a problem with obsolete news server software that doesn't support 4
digit years in the NEWGROUPS command, and adds new commands for showing or
hiding read and kept posts in subject windows.

YA-NewsWatcher is a powerful, highly customizable, and free online and
offline Usenet newsreader application for Macintosh. It features background
and possibly deferred downloading or sending of text and binary posts with
built-in encoding and decoding; styled text, image, and movie viewing;
flexible, complete, and powerful article filtering and sorting and newsgroup
searches; and multiple character set support. It requires System 8.5 or

Path: /www/exparrot/files.tidbits.com/info-mac/comm/inet/ya-news-watcher-501.hqx

File ya-news-watcher-501.hqx1.94 MB