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Submission for the Mac Archives. StuffIt format. --Mike
Here is ComIT 1.8, a Communication Integration Tool for Apple(R) Macintosh(R)
computers. With ComIT you can monitor communication costs for on-line connect
time and voice phone calls. You can use ComIT to dial your voice calls and
monitor the duration and cost of the call.

ComIT supports Macintosh Plus and newer computers with at least 1MB of memory.
ComIT is compatible with multiple monitors and large screen monitors.

ComIT requires System 6.0 or later. ComIT 1.8 is System 7.0 friendly, including
Balloon Help, and it is 32-bit clean.

ComIT is a shareware program. If you like and use ComIT, please send your name
and mailing address to the author along with the $20.00 (U.S.) shareware fee.
Registered users of ComIT will receive a printed manual, support via online
services, and future updates free or at reduced cost. There are many
capabilities in ComIT that are documented in the manual. In fairness to those
who register, unregistered users will not receive any support.

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