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Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1993 11:06 EST

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Attached is a binhexed CompactPro archive of some helpful keyboard
macros I created for use with ClarisWorks 2.0's VT102 communications
emulation. Here's a little background from the READ ME file I've

>They were especially designed for use in conjunction with Digital's
>All-in-One Office Automation package, but should work anywhere the
>VT100 emulation is used.
>Specifically, these macros allow users of Macintosh keyboards
>(both standard and extended) to employ all of the edit functions
>available on the VT series keyboards. They are especially useful
>for standard keyboard users because Macintosh (for reasons
>unknown) maps the "+" and "-" calculator keys differently on the
>two keyboards. The keys are supposed to serve the "paste" and
>"cut" functions, but only operate properly on the extended keyboard.
>In addition, users of both keyboards do not have the "find," "insert,"
>"remove," "select," "previous screen" and "next screen" user functions
>available to them in Claris' VT102 emulation.
>Claris is aware of the impact of these shortcomings on their
>emulation package, but hasn't seen fit to fix it yet. A real pain!

Hope these are helpful to anyone using ClarisWorks for communications.


Author: David J. Crockett
Date: 17-Nov-1993
Posted-date: 17-Nov-1993

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