Newton Japanese-German Dictionary

JDDict is a Japanese-German dictionary module for CLex. I ported the freely
available data to Newton. The dictionary is a Romaji indexed Japanese-German
dictionary. You should follow the usual Hepburn transcription to look up
Japanese words. The only exception is that the long vowel is retained with
corresponding 'a','u', and 'o'.


A Newton with NOS2.0 or later. At least a set of Japanese/Chinese font in
unicode format. You can find one on my homepage or on Info-Mac -- Freeware.)

CLex dictionary engine. CLex is a shareware multilingual dictionary engine.
Notably it supports Chinese/Japanese and other script systems. There is a
built-in memo so that you can put a new word in the memo for your later
peruse. You can also look up a word online by selecting the word or simply
place the caret under the word you want to look up. A TapBar button is also
included so that you can have access to CLex almost everywhere at any time.
You can get the engine on my homepage or from Info-Mac.


Joseph Chen

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