LeftHeart (newton ap sings newton message pad's lament)

For those of you with macintalk on newton who really like to think
different :
Now your newton sing you its lament.
I changed the words of "I left my heart in San Francisco" to a
slightly different set of thoughts :

"I left my heart in Cupertino,
at three meters it beams to me.
To be where little message pads,
get more think different ads
The stock market may well beware
I don't care.
My love's on hold in Cupertino,
above big blue, it aims to be.
When engineers come home to Cupertino,
new Sun-Java workstations will shine for me."

Remember a sense of humor can get you a perspective on what seems
the darkest of times.
As developers the world wide learn to adapt to new operating
systems and languages and learn to think even more differently, sometimes
it is nice to hear their computers singing anyway. Maybe I'll even figure
out how to make singing asynchronous so you can get your newton to do stuff
while it sings.

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