NewtJared for NOS2.0

Attached is a stuffit archive of a Newton Program

NOS: 2.0 or higher

NewtJared is a newton version of a macintosh program called Jared
from FreeVerse Software. The macintosh version has been on the
top of many shareware lists.. If you like Jared for the macintosh
you can now carry him with you on the Newton.

The Newton Port is by:
Elwin Loomis
please email me any comments..

You should note that this package is over 300k and has been tested
on a Message Pad 120, and a MessagePad 2000 running NOS 2.0

This is a description of Jared for the Macintosh by FreeVerse.
(and applies to the Newton port as well)

I should also say that Freeverse is in no way responsible (or
liable) for the Newton Version. I have mearly ported Jared to
the Newton, and I am in no way affiliated with Freeverse.

Newton Jared is Freeware.. and if distributed must contain this
readme file.

Path: /www/exparrot/

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